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"Nice!!! Tight!!"

Wayne Linsey

American Idol Keyboard Player

The Sunshine Experience is the first and only KC and The Sunshine Band tribute act in the world!

It may be hard to believe because KC and The Sunshine Band have had five #1 hits and sold over 100 million records. KC virtually single handedly created the dance revolution of the 70’s and beyond. His music has been played everywhere on the planet, yet he remains unsung in the tribute world, until now.....

The Sunshine Experience is the brainchild of Christopher Lane and Stevie Bensusen, two well established Los Angeles industry veterans with thousands of shows under their belts. They were both searching for a new musical direction when they met four years ago and it didn’t take long to figure out that they were on the same path. They both wanted to perform feel good music that was more organic, less processed and less programmed than what was being played at radio so they began exploring musical forms that were closer to their roots. Christopher is the guitarist and Stevie is the front man, both raised on a diet of RnB, Soul and Funk. The result was the creation of The Sunshine Experience.

Chris and Stevie thought this would be a great opportunity for them to extend KC’s legacy. Because The Sunshine Experience is the first KC and The Sunshine Band tribute act they feel a tremendous responsibility to make sure that it’s done right and that it represents KC well, so they’ve added an amazing set of dancers, singers and a smokin’ horn section to complement one of the tightest rhythm sections in the country, creating a live experience that will keep you on your feet  dancing and singing from start to finish.

Their goal is to create a party atmosphere for an hour and a half where people can forget about their troubles, their worries and just have a good time! 


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